Odoo's internet based Point of Sale application depends on a straightforward, easy to understand interface. The Point of Sale application can be utilized on the offline or online on iPads, Android tablets or workstations. Odoo Point of Sale is completely coordinated with the Inventory and the Accounting applications. Any exchange with your retail location will consequently be enlisted in your stock administration and bookkeeping and, even in your CRM as the client can be distinguished from the application. You will actually want to run real time statistics and unions across the entirety of your shops without the hassle of coordinating a few outer applications.


Install Point of Sale Application
Start by introducing the Point of Sale application. Go to Apps and introduce the Point of Sale application. Don't forget to install an accounting chart of accounts. If it is not done, go to to the Invoicing/Accounting application and click on Browse available countries. Then choose the one you want to install. When it is done, you are all set to use the point of sale 

Adding the Products  
To add items from the retail location Dashboard go to Orders ‣ Products and tap on Create. The primary model will be orange with a cost of 2/kg. In the Sales tab, you can see the retail location arrangement. There, you can set an item classification, determine that the item must be weighted or not and guarantee that it will be accessible in the retail location.

In the same way, you can add apple, mango, onion... in the database.

Configuring a payment method
 To configure a new payment method go to Configuration ‣ Payment methods and click on Create.

After you set up a name and the kind of installment strategy, you can go to the point of sale tab and guarantee that this installment technique has been initiated for the point of sale.

Configuring your points of sales

Go to Configuration ‣ Point of Sale, click on the main point of sale. Edit the point of sale and add your custom payment method into the available payment methods.

You can configure each point of sale according to your hardware, location,...

Now you are ready to make your first steps with your point of sale.

1st  Step in the Point of Sale

We  will get main point of sale interface:

On the right, we can see the products list with the categories on the top. If you click on a product, it will be added to the cart. You can directly set the correct quantity or weight by typing it on the keyboard.


When the request is finished, click on Payment. You can pick the client installment technique. In this model, the client owes you 10.84 € and pays with a 20 € note. At the point when it's done, click on Validate.

Your ticket is printed and you are now ready to make your second order.
Session Closing
By the day's end, to close the meeting, click on the Close button on the upper right. Click again on the nearby button of the retail location. On this page, you will see a rundown of the exchanges

In the event that you click on an installment technique line, the diary of this strategy seems containing every one of the exchanges performed.

Now, you just need to approve and close the session.